Friday, February 4, 2011

Silence is what I seek, 
But my mind refuses to back down.
So many thoughts; 
worries and fears of now look to
Where freedom lies.
For now, I cannot escape my world,
A prisoner of my own misfortune.
Locked in a place I don't belong,
Where diversity is the enemy,
And acceptance requires submission.
Born into my own hostile hell,
Where seeds are crushed as they bloom.
The questions I have of my world and my God,
Silenced by the overwhelming mob. 
Protesting to join the conformity
Finding no worth in the individual one.
You see it's a single goal, a simple mission.
Laid out long ago, no other paths to choose.
To lose your way is not an option.
Wanderers are lost and alone, left behind and forgotten;
Condemned by their very own trustees.
So authenticity or mediocrity? 
A simple choice yet not so simple.
My nagging fears discourage my escape,
But my heart is determined to be free.
To every great discovery, much sacrifice is suffered.
The cost of freedom, obviously not free.
The question now, is it worth the risk?
I cannot see the future, but I know the past.
I am more than this, and willing to fight.
Mediocrity, well that's just not me.
I will not live a lie hiding behind a mask.
I refuse to cage my adventurous soul;
It hungers knowledge and thirsts for existence,
A feast fit for the King who has lived,
And living is what I aim to do!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"I'm tired," she said,
As her head fell to the cold tile.
Once strong and brave,
She had fought so long.
This is not life.

Will they miss me?
A strange fear,
For a dwindling soul.
But still a nagging thought,
For the lonely mind.

And now...
Well this road is new,
Some have maps,
But others just hope for more.
Anything better than this.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

~Lost in My Mind~

It's a lonely world,
With wandering souls.
Probing the dark,
Searching for hope.
Desperate for more,
Than the quiet night.

Envious of faith,
Longing to believe.
Jealous of Love,
Never knowing its joy.
My own mind,
The only company.
All I know,
Perhaps it's enough.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

~Goodbyes and Unhappy Endings~

Feelings for you were forgotten,
Pushed back into the depths of my soul.
But tonight it all came undone,
When the end of us became real.
I tried to hide the fact that I still cared,
Desperate to convince even myself.
Visions of those memories shared,
Blinded by words of goodbye.
Left standing here all alone again,
I took for granted our rocky past.
A relationship full of heartache and sin;
Not every story has a happy ending.

Friday, January 7, 2011


I guess some would say I'm lucky,

But I don't give credit to luck.

I'm a girl who trusts in fate.

Maybe that's naive,

Blinded by faith in the unknown;

My own faith that is,

But it is not one you would understand.

My religion is my own.

I don't have time for hate,

And judgement is absurd.

I live for today,

And dream of tomorrow.

Worry is tiresome energy wasted,

Carrying fear that will bury the soul.

The past has created me,

And I regret not one thing.

The people I have met along the way,

They have changed me.

The heartache,

Has taught me love,

And the loss,

Has taught me to appreciate.

Every moment,

Every single second in my life,

It all matters.

I don't pretend to know,

Where it all goes from here,

But I do know that I am here now;

Right where I am supposed to be,

And maybe that is enough.